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Dear Cosmoenergy Practitioners and Patients!

We are excited to share with you the news that we have recently published an English-language edition of a “Handbook for Practitioners of Classic Cosmoenergy by School of Emil Bagirov” in two volumes.

The first volume describes the methodology of Classic Cosmoenergy as defined by the Classic Cosmoenergy School by Emil Bagirov. It includes theory as well as practical rules and recommendations for working with the informational component of the Universe, the so-called “channels.” The handbook is intended for all students of Classic Cosmoenergy School by Emil Bagirov.

The second volume contains detailed descriptions and practical recommendations for all channels of the Buddhist, Magic, Magister and Zoroastrism groups.

The handbook is a limited-edition, so please let us know in advance the number of books you are interested in purchasing.

tel.: +37127771258, +37127775861

e-mail: iccfworld@gmail.com

Thank you!